What are the top Hot Water Systems to consider in  Perth?

We examine the top hot water systems for your consideration and compare the best of the brands.

Hot water systems in Perth

Among the plethora of options, heat pump hot water systems have emerged as a frontrunner, courtesy of their energy efficiency and sustainable operation.

As the populace of Perth continues to burgeon the quest for top tier hot water systems that align with the city’s unique climatic narrative gains momentum.

This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the top hot water systems that have garnered acclaim in 2023 aiding Perth residents in making an informed choice.

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Understanding Hot Water Systems: A Prelude to Comfort

A hot water system is a household or commercial appliance designed to heat and supply hot water on demand or store it for later use.

At its core it comprises a heating element which could be a gas burner, electric resistance, solar panel or heat pump and a tank to store the hot water.

The system kicks into action when a hot water tap is turned on or when the water in the tank falls below a certain temperature.

Through either a continuous flow or storage model hot water systems ensure a steady supply of hot water bringing comfort to homes and establishments alike.

Hot water Systems



Securing the leading position in our review is Dux, with five-star ratings across performance, value for money, user-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and overall satisfaction. Offering an array of hot water systems including heat pump, continuous flow, electric solar, and gas storage systems, Dux epitomises versatility and efficiency. Their variously sized storage systems and highly energy-efficient continuous flow systems stand out.

Dux Hot Water System - Proflow


Solahart secures five stars for features and functionality, and four stars for performance, value for money, user-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and overall satisfaction. As a purveyor of solar energy-powered hot water systems, Solahart provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Their rooftop solar hot water systems and split system solar hot water heaters are favoured by eco-conscious homeowners.

Solahart Hot Water System


Rinnai attains five stars for user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal, and four stars for performance, value for money, features, functionality, and overall satisfaction. Offering a selection of continuous flow hot water systems and solar hot water systems, Rinnai delivers reliable and efficient options. Their Infinity range showcases units with high energy-efficiency ratings, making them a perfect match for households with a minimal hot water requirement.

Rinnai Hot Water System


Rheem secures five stars for user-friendliness, and four stars for performance, value for money, features, functionality, aesthetic appeal, and overall satisfaction. Rheem provides an extensive range of water heaters, including electric, gas continuous flow, heat pump, and solar systems. With models designed for diverse climates and water quality types, Rheem ensures homeowners can find a suitable solution for their needs.

Rheem Hot Water System


AquaMAX achieves three stars for features, functionality, and design, and four stars for performance, value for money, user-friendliness, and overall satisfaction. Specialising in gas storage and electric storage hot water systems, AquaMAX’s premium stainless steel water gas storage systems offer durability and easy maintenance. Moreover, their Electric Vitreous Enamel (VE) water heaters are compatible with various water quality types.

Aquamax Hot Water System


Bosch receives three stars for user-friendliness, and four stars for performance, value for money, features, functionality, aesthetic appeal, and overall satisfaction. Bosch provides a range of continuous flow hot water systems that operate without a power point. Their various capacity units offer customisable features, making them ideal for households with limited space.

Bosch Hot Water System


Thermann receives four-star ratings for user-friendliness and features, functionality, and finishes with three stars for performance, value for money, aesthetic appeal, and overall satisfaction. Thermann provides an array of hot water systems, including continuous flow, heat pump, solar, and storage systems. With a range of warranty periods, Thermann offers homeowners peace of mind.

Thermann Hot Water System

It’s crucial to note that not all hot water system brands were included in this survey. However, these top-rated brands provide a broad range of options to meet various needs and budgets.

When selecting a hot water system, it’s essential to consider factors such as energy efficiency, running costs, and the system type that best fits your dwelling and locale. Electric, gas, solar, and heat pump systems each have their pros and cons, making it vital to balance these factors before reaching a decision.

Other Hot Water Systems Worth a Mention

Reclaim Energy Heat Pump: Silence Meets Efficiency

Nestled in the realm of hot water systems is the Reclaim Energy Heat Pump a creation of an Australian based company.

Its hallmark is the whisper quiet operation a feature that resonates with the tranquility that Perth embodies.

The diverse climate solutions it offers make it a worthy contender for households across Perth.

The robust tank warranties accentuate its allure, offering a reassuring 15 year warranty a facet that outshines many of its counterparts.

Reclaim Energy heat pump -- Dollarwise plumbing

EvoHeat Evo270: A Symphony of Cost-effectiveness and Performance

The EvoHeat Evo270 is where efficiency shakes hands with cost effectiveness.

Its user centric design ethos is evident in its specialized operating modes, a feature that empowers users to tailor its operation to their whims.

The robust 270L tank is a harmonious blend of capacity and efficiency, ensuring the hot water supply remains uninterrupted come rain or shine.

EvoHeat Evo270

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump: The Trustworthy Companion

Dux’s Airoheat Heat Pump is a narrative of trust intertwined with quality.

The brand, a household name, brings to the table a hot water system that stands tall with its good product warranty and eligibility for Australian incentives.

The overheat protection is a feature that echoes the brand’s commitment to safety and quality.

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump

iStore 180L: Compactness Meets Efficiency

The narrative of hot water systems in Perth is incomplete without a mention of the iStore 180L.

Its compact design is a nod to modernity making it a fit for nearly every residence in Perth.

Despite its compactness, it doesn’t compromise on efficiency a feature that positions it as a top choice for Perth’s modern homes.

iStore 180L

Chromagen 280 Litre Heat Pump: The Voluminous Marvel

For households where the hustle and bustle are the daily norm the Chromagen 280 Litre Heat Pump emerges as a boon.

The colossal tank ensures the morning rush hours are devoid of cold water surprises.

The built in frost protection is a testament to its readiness to embrace Perth’s diverse climate, ensuring the system remains operational even when the temperatures plummet.


Each of these hot water systems embodies a unique narrative offering a blend of features tailored to meet the diverse demands of Perth residents.

As the quest for reliable, efficient and sustainable hot water systems marches forward these five systems emerge as beacons of innovation each narrating a distinct chapter in Perth’s hot water system narrative.

Their prowess not only reflects in their performance but also in the way they harmonise with Perth’s environmental ethos. As they etch their stories they contribute towards shaping a future where comfort meets sustainability paving the way for a new era of hot water systems.