Vulcan Freeloader 135ltr

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Vulcan 135 Hot Water Systems

Dollar Wise Plumbing supplies and installs several Vulcan hot water systems including the Vulcan 135 model, which is perfect for small to medium households.

The Vulcan 135 is an entry-level hot water system. It has a maximum capacity of 135 litres, perfect for a family of two to four members. The best thing about the Vulcan brand is that it offers high-quality performance at an affordable price. We recommend it for a replacement or change over, of an older model water heater.

Vulcan uses high-strength steel for the storage cylinder to withstand the varying heating cycle and water pressures. In addition, the hot water system comes with a special thermostat that can keep the water temperature at the optimal level for reliable hot water while being cost-effective – the Vulcan 135 has a 4-star energy rating.

The Vulcan 135 features balanced flue and steel jackets that make it easy to install and maintain. You can install it into a wall cavity or against a wall.

First Hour Capacity 248 Litres
Gas Consumption 27.0 Mj/h
Weight (Empty) 59 Kgs
Height 1558 mm
Width 422 mm
Depth 502 mm
Manufacturers Tank Warranty (Domestic) 7 Years (1 Years Labour On Tank)
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 1 Year
Technical Specifications
Cold Relief Valve Setting 1200 Kpa
ECV Hot Relief Valve Setting 1400 Kpa
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Why Choose a Vulcan 135 Hot Water System

There are many reasons why you should install a Vulcan 135 in your home. Some of them are:

  • Weather and Corrosion Resistant – The Vulcan 135 is protected against the harsh weather conditions of WA.
  • Easy Installation – You can install a Vulcan hot water system even with limited room space in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • 7-Year Warranty – The water tank comes with a seven-year warranty and one year on parts and labour.

Vulcan is a brand under the Rheem Hot Water Group. They are a trusted brand and a locally-owned company that manufactures their products in Australia. As a result, spare parts are readily available for repairs.

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Dollar Wise Plumbing is a leading supplier of Vulcan 135 and other hot water systems. Contact us today if you have any questions about the model and other products we have to offer.