Stiebel DEL 18 Plus

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Stiebel DEL 18 Plus Hot Water System

The Stiebel DEL 18 Plus has a wide set of features powered by its 3i technology. This hot water system has temperature memory, backlit multi-function display and an ECO mode to limit the maximum flow rate of the unit. This translates to massive savings for your monthly power consumption.

Powered by German engineering, the Stiebel DEL 18 Plus also has a child proofing feature to avoid the possibility of accidental scalding for the young ones at home. The unit has a hot water delivery rate of 7.5 L/pm, with a self-cleaning hot wire element to ensure a continuous and increased hot water flow

The Stiebel DEL 18 Plus is a great upgrade for the Simple X and Super X line of hot water systems. It also has a manufacturer warranty of 5 years for the heat exchanger, tank labour and full parts.

Hot Water Delivery 7.5 L/pm
Height 466 mm
Width 225 mm
Depth 116 mm
Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic) 5 years full parts and labour
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 5 year full parts and labour
Technical Specifications
Powerpoint Required Yes
Water Connection G 1/2 A
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