Stiebel DEL 13 Plus

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Stiebel DEL 13 Plus Hot Water System

Designed in Germany, the Stiebel DEL 13 Plus is a masterpiece of hot water system engineering. It does not require a tempering valve to deliver hot water with temperatures of 50° Celsius. Using 3i Technology Temperature, it has memory function keys and can limit temperature to avoid accidents such as child scalding.

For those looking to upgrade their SuperX and SimpleX hot water systems, the Stiebel DEL 13 Plus is an excellent choice. It also has a self cleaning hot wire element that ensures increased hot water flow.

Manufacturer warranty covers the heat exchanger for 5 years, including full parts and labour for domestic transactions. The Stiebel DEL 13 Plus is durable, reliable and excellent value for money.

Hot Water Delivery 7.5 L/pm
Height 466 mm
Width 225 mm
Depth 116 mm
Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic) 5 years full parts and labour
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 5 year full parts and labour
Technical Specifications
Powerpoint Required Yes
Water Connection G 1/2 A
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