Rinnai Hotflo 125ltr

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Model Series HFE
Storage Capacity (L) 140
Hot Water Delivery (L) 125
Element Size (kW) 1.8, 2.4, 3.6
Total Height (mm) 1245
Width incl. PTR Valve (mm) 590
Diameter (mm) 515
Outlet Height (mm) 1020
Inlet Height (mm) 225
Electrical  Entry – Lower (mm) 155
Electrical  Entry – Upper (mm) N/A
Packaged  Weight (kg) 60
Boost Capacity (Twin element only) (L) N/A
Included PTR Valve (kPa) 1000
ECV (kPa) 850
Max. Inlet Pressure with ECV (kPa) 680
PLV with ECV (kPa) 500
Max. Inlet Pressure without ECV (kPa) 800
PLV without ECV (kPa) 500
Max. Thermostat Setting (°C) 70
Ingress Protection Rating IPX4
Electrical Supply 240V – @50Hz
Hot and cold water connection Rp 3/4 (20mm)
Tank Body Colour Dune