Rinnai B26

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Rinnai Infinity 26 Hot Water System

The Rinnai Infinity 26 is suitable for households who do not want to compromise on the continuous flow of hot water in their home. It can effectively supply hot water to homes with one or two bathrooms (or in warmer climates, homes with up to three bathrooms).

But even with the additional capacity, it does not falter when it comes to energy efficiency. Its 6 star energy rating ensures that you will only spend energy when you need hot water.

The specifications of the Rinnai Infinity B26 are robust. It delivers hot water at a rate of 26 L/pm while consuming gas at a clip of 199 Mj/h. It has a compact design that makes it easy to integrate in homes with its weight of 14 Kgs. Its dimensions are 531 mm (height), 351 mm (width) and 195 mm (depth).


Hot Water Delivery 26 L/pm
Gas Consumption 199 Mj/h
Weight 14 Kgs
Height 531 mm
Width 351 mm
Depth 195 mm


Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic) 10 Years (3 Years Labour On Heat Exchanger)
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 3 Years

Technical Specifications

Powerpoint Required yes
Gas Connection 20mm
Hot Water Connection 20mm
Link to Manufacturers Product Page https://www.rinnai.com.au/category/hot-water/continuous-flow-hot-water/infinity/

Safety First

Rinnai places utmost importance on safety. The Rinnai B26 has a temperature stability control, ensuring consistent output and preventing accidental scalding.

Quiet Operation

With the Rinnai B26, you won’t be disturbed by unnecessary noise. The B26 operates quietly, ensuring your peace and comfort at home isn’t compromised.

Puretemp™ Technology

The B26 comes equipped with Rinnai’s unique Puretemp™ temperature stability technology. This innovative feature delivers precise control and stable temperature output, eliminating the fluctuations that can occur in some hot water systems.

Universal Controller

The Rinnai Universal Controller offers you complete control over your hot water temperature settings. This means you can set the perfect temperature for your comfort, every time.


Rinnai’s B26 is not just built for performance, but also longevity. Its robust and durable design can withstand harsh weather conditions, which makes it suitable for outdoor installation. The heat exchanger, crafted with high-quality copper, offers exceptional durability.

Easy Replacement

Designed with a compact form and standard pipe connections, the B26 is often compatible with existing gas, water, and electrical connections, making replacements easier and more cost-effective.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to its 6-star energy rating, the B26 produces lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric storage hot water systems, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.
At Dollar Wise Plumbing , we’re proud to offer the Rinnai B26 – a hot water system that embodies quality, efficiency, and innovative technology. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this exceptional system can meet your hot water needs.