Rinnai B16

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Rinnai Infinity 16

Never run out of hot water again with a Rinnai B16 continuous flow hot water system, available from Dollar Wise Plumbing .

The Rinnai B16 is designed with a built-in temperature control, which conveniently allows you to select the maximum temperature of the water at all times.

If you are looking for a hot water system that conserves energy and saves on electricity, you can’t go past the Rinnai B16. The unit won’t start heating water until you actually need it.

You can customise your Rinnai B16 with Deluxe and Universal hot water controllers, which conveniently allows you to select the maximum temperature of the water at all times and offers features such as bath fill function and voice prompting,

The Rinnai B16 is the ideal choice if you wish to supply hot water to a one bathroom home.

It has a 6 star energy rating, a guarantee that it is one of the most energy efficient solutions for continuous flow hot water system needs in the market.

The Rinnai Infinity B16 has a water storage capacity of 16 liters, with an ergonomic design that enables easy installation and domestic commissioning. It is durable and saves important home space. This hot water system also comes equipped with a built-in temperature control with display and stability control.


Hot Water Delivery 16 L/pm
Gas Consumption 124 Mj/h
Weight 13 Kgs
Height 531 mm
Width 351 mm
Depth 195 mm


Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic) 10 Years (3 Years Labour On Heat Exchanger)
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 3 Years

Technical Specifications

Powerpoint Required yes
Gas Connection 20mm
Hot Water Connection 15mm
Link to Manufacturers Product Page https://www.rinnai.com.au/category/hot-water/continuous-flow-hot-water/infinity/

Benefits of the Rinnai B16

  • Energy efficient – The Rinnai B16 has a 6 star energy rating and is one of the most energy efficient continuous flow hot water systems on the market.
  • Save money – Installing a Rinnai B16 should reduce your electricity costs.
  • Eco-friendly – A Rinnai B16 unit only heats the water when you turn on the tap, meaning less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Easy installation – It is so simple to install the Rinnai B16 almost anywhere.
  • Built to last – The Rinnai B16 has been designed with the best quality componentry, meaning it is built to last.
  • Compact design – The slimline unit means you will save both wall and floor space.

Hot Water System Specialists

If you are wondering if a Rinnai B16 hot water system is the right choice for your home, contact the team at Dollar Wise Plumbing and we will be able to talk you through our range of options.

We can also provide an upfront, obligation-free quote. Once you’re satisfied with your quote, you can make a booking with one of our experienced hot water system installers.

Superior Control

Rinnai’s B16 model allows you to have precise control over the water temperature. This is especially helpful in preventing scalding, ensuring safe water temperatures for all members of your household, including children and the elderly.

Status Monitor

The B16 comes with a status operation monitor that gives a clear view of the system’s performance and any issues that need attention. This allows for swift resolution of potential problems and ensures the system continues to perform at its best.

Low Maintenance

Owing to the superior build quality and excellent engineering, the Rinnai B16 requires minimal maintenance. This means fewer hassles and lower costs for homeowners over the lifetime of the unit.
Water-Saving Shower Compatible
The B16 is compatible with water-saving shower fixtures, making it a great choice for those looking to conserve water. This also translates to savings on your water bills over time.

Low Emissions

The Rinnai B16 isn’t just great for your home, it’s also kind to our planet. It operates with low NOx emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional hot water systems. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on performance.
Exceptional Energy Efficiency
Beyond just conserving energy, the Rinnai B16 excels in energy efficiency. It proudly boasts a 6.2-star energy rating, making it one of the top performers in its category. This high rating means the unit uses less energy to heat your water, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact.

At Dollar Wise Plumbing , we proudly offer the Rinnai B16 – a perfect blend of efficiency, convenience, and reliability. If you’re ready to upgrade your hot water system or want to learn more about this exceptional unit, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to guide you through the selection process and ensure you choose the right solution for your specific needs.