Rheem Metro 16

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Rheem Metro 16

The Rheem Metro 16 is a stellar hot water system for small homes. It has an efficient hot water delivery rate of 16 L/pm that will fulfill all your bathing requirements without compromising on energy consumption. It clocks in at 126 Mj/h.

One of its reliable attributes is its very dependable customer service. The Rheem Metro 16 offers a manufacturer warranty of ten years for the heat exchanger. Not only that, warranty for labour and manufacturer parts are covered for three years for domestic purchases.

Its compact size makes it a great addition for space-saving homes. The height of the Rheem Metro 16 is 520 millimeters and its width is 355 millimeters. It only weighs 16 kgs, making it perfect for small areas.

Hot Water Delivery 16 L/pm
Gas Consumption 126 Mj/h
Weight 16 Kgs
Height 520 mm
Width 355 mm
Depth 187 mm
Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic) 10 years on heat exchanger
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 3 Years
Technical Specifications
Powerpoint Required yes
Link to Manufacturers Product Page https://rheem.com.au/rheem/products/Residential/Gas-Continuous-Flow/Continuous-Flow-%2812—27L%29/Rheem-Metro-16L-Gas-Continuous-Flow-Water-Heater-%3A-50%C2%B0C/p/876T16NF