Dux PROFLO 50ltr

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Dux PROFLO 50 LitreHot Water System

The Dux PROFLO 50 Litredoubles the storage capacity of the 25 liter model to provide a steady stream of hot water as needed by two to three people. This hot water system retains the compact design and versatility that has made it a favorite choice among households.

The Dux PROFLO 50 Litreis suitable for places with space restrictions. It is best for small apartments and single bathrooms. But even with its small build at just 23 kgs, it is a reliable unit. Its dimensions are 670 mm (height) x 405 mm (diameter).

Manufacturer warranty is one of the best features of the Dux PROFLO 50ltr. For domestic purchases, you have a tank warranty for up to 7 years. Tank labour and manufacturer parts are covered for a year.

Storage Capacity 50 L
Kw Rating 3.6 Kw
Weight 23 Kgs
Height 670 mm
Diameter 405 mm
Manufacturers Tank Warranty (Domestic) 7 Years (1 Year Labour On Tank)
Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 1 Year
Technical Specifications
Cold Relief Valve Setting 850 Kpa
ECV Hot Reflief Valve Setting 1000 Kpa
Number Of Sacrificial Anodes 1
Link to Manufacturers Product Page https://www.dux.com.au/small-electric-storage-hot-water