How Much Does It Cost to Plumb a New House in Australia?

Plumber repairing leaking tap.

For those building a new home in Australia, understanding the costs associated with plumbing is crucial for effective budgeting and planning.

Plumbing costs can vary widely based on factors such as the location of the house, its size, the type of plumbing system installed, and the complexity of the work required.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate these costs.

Overall Plumbing Costs for a New House

In Australia, the total cost of plumbing a new house typically ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 40,000. 

However, in major cities where the cost of a new house can exceed AUD 1,000,000, plumbing costs can vary greatly. These costs are influenced by factors such as the size of the house, the type of pipes used, and the overall setup of the plumbing system.

Hourly Rates for Plumbing Services

Generally, the hourly rate for plumbers in Australia varies from AUD 80 to AUD 120.

However, more complex tasks like bathroom installations or major pipe repairs may incur higher costs.

Specific Plumbing Services Costs

  • Repairing Leaking Taps: This typically costs between AUD 80 to AUD 150.
  • Unclogging Drains: Costs for this service range from AUD 100 to AUD 250.
  • Water Heater Installations: Costs vary based on the heater type and installation complexity, ranging from AUD 800 to over AUD 5,000 for advanced systems like solar-powered units.
  • Installing Appliances: For items like dishwashers or water filters, expect costs ranging from AUD 150 to AUD 450.
  • Bathroom Installations: These can vary significantly, from AUD 2,000 to AUD 30,000, based on the project’s scope.
  • Fixing Broken Pipes: The cost usually lies between AUD 150 and AUD 400, depending on the complexity and location.

Other Considerations

Septic Tank Installation: This can generally cost AUD 2,000 or more, with extra expenses for necessary equipment such as pumps, filters, and anaerobic digesters.

Additional Factors: The overall cost can be influenced by the current plumbing system, the extent of work required, and any necessary permits or inspections.

Given the breadth of these factors, it is recommended to obtain a personalised quote from a local plumber for a clearer understanding of the specific costs associated with your project.

It’s important to remember that plumbing costs can differ significantly based on your project’s unique requirements and your location in Australia.


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